Glass Drilling and Milling Tools for your Glass Fabrication CNC and other work stations

  • 2-4 x the tool life vs. standard core drill bits
  • No Dressing Required for life of drill bit
  • Better wear ‘curve’ results in cleaner high quality holes throughout life of drill bit
  • Measurable Payback & Reduced Production Costs; Longer Life + Less Maintenance & Downtime + Consistent Quality


  • First 10 holes must be drilled at half the standard in-feed speed to ‘break’ them in properly due to the special composition of the Mini Max™ tooling
  • Never Dress the Mini Max™ tooling or it will result in premature wear or damage to the tooling
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Jan Wyatt Karas and Karas Glass

“I knew they were better than anything we ever used before from the first minute of production. A much cleaner hole, quiet and with dramatically additional life than with traditional bits. I am very happy with my decision to try these Mini Max tools from IGE!........”

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