Advanced Detection Systems


With glass requirements for architectural applications becoming increasingly strict, every glass maker needs to implement a strategy and investment plan to prevent costly mistakes or bad products sent to customers. SYNERGX, the world leader in non-contact inspection & metrology solutions, offers a complete and integrated platform for each stage in the glass production process as well as individual systems to address specific inspection challenges.

Solutions We Provide


      • Inspection system used following the washing/drying process. It provides high quality glass processors with an integrated inline flat glass inspection solution
      • Complete inline flat glass inspection for architectural glass proceses
      • IGU lines: pre-assembly or complete unit
      • Tempering lines: bed load inspection pre or post tempering
      • Lamination lines: pre or post


  • Following the painting process, the SURFX PAINT is a fully automated inline inspection system for paint & print inspection on flat glass before or after drying
  • Bird friendly patterns, dot patterns, thin lines, bar codes, date code and logo inspection


  • The EDGE system is installed directly after seaming or on bedload prior to tempering furnace. This system is a fully automated inline inspection system for flat glass panels. It is the only continuous movement glass edge inspection system on the market
  • Surface & seaming inspection
  • Supports irregular shapes


  • This inspection system is made for any clear or painted glass to automate the validation process of tempered glass fragmentation based on the ECE R43 and ANSI/SAE X26.1 standards
  • Cullet analysis step of 1.0mm


  • The WINDX system is installed at the end of the production line. It is a multi-feature, fully automated non-contact metrology system designed for the characterization of optical properties of glazing
  • Transmissive distortion of glass panels
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