Bird- Friendly Laser


  • Orion Laser Tech combines years of experience in Laser Machining and High-Precision Positioning to produce solutions driven by new requirements in the glass industry. Their fast, efficient machines are capable of processing glass reliably and environmentally safe. Low power lasers are used to produce bird friendly or ablated glass without the use of chemical material removal. The systems are designed to meet your required output with automated loading and offloading options. The flexibility in marking custom designs and patterns offer more creative options for customers.
  • Orion’s commitment to precision and innovation isn’t a mantra, it’s a promise.
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Automatic Glass Laser System

    • Multi-purpose production laser cell to produce architectural bird-safe glass
    • The machine is specifically developed to make marks inside the glass without damaging the coating on the frontside
    • Class I laser system with easy installation and fast integration in production process
    • Operator panel with user-friendly HMI
    • Easy installation and fast integration in production process
    • Glass thickness from 2mm to 12mm
    • Benefits include freedom of design and form, no coating damage, and freedom of positioning
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