Milling, Drilling, and Countersinking


JRS Glass, a manufacturing company that specializes in technologically advanced glass working machines for drilling, milling, and countersinking, built their business model upon a “customer focus.” JRS believes in developing solutions for, and with, IGE’s cutomers to satisfy their special production needs. The benchmarks of JRS Glass are high quality, technologically advanced NC machines and industry leading customer service. 

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SOLUTIONS we provide

Solutions we provide

    • 1350
      • 1.3; 1350 mm (53”) of Y stroke axis , X axis glass unlimited
    • 1700
      • 1.7; 1700 mm (67”) of Y stroke axis , X axis glass unlimited
    • 2000
      • 2.0; 2000 mm (78”) of Y stroke axis , X axis glass unlimited

JRS Maximum Verstality

The engineering concept of JRS is maximum versatility to meet all customer requirements. The machine can be adapted to the plant or production during the entire life of the machine. In fact, the machine can be produced or transformed into 4 different configurations:

      • Standard (left to right)
      • Reverse (right to left)
      • Zero reference operator side
      • Zero reference opposite the operator
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