Glass Cutting Tables and Storage Systems


Hailing from Athens, Greece, Gizelis Robotics is one of the world’s automation leaders. Gizelis Robotics is the newest company established IN THE Gizelis SA group, one of the oldest sheet metal machines manufacturer in the world. Working primarily with robots, Gizelis’ team of engineers are top-notch and there are no limits to the automated solutions we are able to provide to reduce downtime and improve product efficiency. As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, Gizelis Robotics is leading the charge for automation in this new era.


Solutions we provide

Custom Automated Solutions

    • Automate all areas of glass fabrication including loading and unloading all types of glass fabrication equipment

Glass Storage and Loading System

  • Aerial loaders
  • Shuttle storage system
  • Terrestrial loaders
  • Flexibility
  • Performance and reliability
  • Tailor-made solutions to fit your needs
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