Screen Printing


Cugher was among the first companies in the world to automate the screen printing process on flat glass. Ever since, the constant innovation, research and development are the distinctive features of our business.

Since the foundation in the 60’s, the Management decided to invest in technology and resources in order to empower the strive for engineering excellence and innovation which was incorporated in the DNA of Cugher. Entrepreneurship spirit and continuous innovation process quickly led the Company to success. Soon after the launch of the first semi-automatic machines for glass screen printing, textile, electronics and household items, new projects for automotive printing machines and fully automated lines were developed.

Cugher quickly became a guarantee for quality worldwide. In 2000 the Company was acquired by the Mazza family. The new Management implemented new business strategy with focus on the flat glass industry. This strategy required new resources, investments and a strong emphasis on research and development. Since 2005, the core business of Cugher is the commissioning of complete screen printing lines for the automotive  The flexible engineering allows to design and produce customer oriented plants and machinery and, over the years, the Company has increased its role of manufacturer also in the home appliance and in the building & interior design sectors.

Thanks to its close cooperation with leading glass fabricators, Cugher has strengthened its ability to anticipate customer’s needs. Nowadays it is recognized as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced producers of glazing technologiesin the world.


Silk-screen Printing Machines

  • Silk-screen Printing Machines
    • To print on flat glass for shower enclosures, balconies, glass windows
    • Ease of use and fast set up
    • Reliability and long durability
    • Extra print quality: excellent image definition, print repeatability with deviation of +/- 0.08 between one print and another, uniformity of the ink over the entire surface of the glass
  • Handling
    • Machinery for transportation and stacking of flat glasses
    • For any dimension and shape
    • Movement in all directions
    • Maximum structural safety and solidity
    • Automated harps rack system
      • Automatic movement for the insertion of glasses in the insulating glass line
      • Eliminates the manual loading activity
    • Conveyors
      • Belt or roller, loading and unloading
      • For any glass dimension
      • Integrated and synchronized solutions with all line components inside the plant
      • Maximum contact surface to n0ot ruin the glass but at the same time maximum grip
  • IR and UV Dryers
    • For silk-screen and digital printing
    • Modular dryers according to the customer’s needs
    • Ideal for both drying silk-screen printing and digital printing
    • Recirculation controlled by inverter: the speed of the air is adjusted according to the characteristics of the ink
  • Order Manager 4.0
    • Interface between machinery and customer’s operating system
      • Perfectly consistent with industry 4.0
      • Greater flexibility, small batch production at large scale costs
      • Higher productivity, minor set-up times, reduced errors, and machine downtime
      • Better quality and less waste thanks to sensors that monitor production in real time and automatic vision systems
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