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Ceramic Ink for Digital Glass Printing Machines

Tecglass Jetver Inks Properties

  • Just some of the features of Tecglass inks, demonstrated by exceptional results in all the tests.
  • High resistance to climatic stressors and humidity
  • Excellent duration of chromatic effects over time
  • Superior resistance to abrasion in high traffic areas
  • Ideal adaptability to the most advanced glass coatings

Digital printing machines ceramic inks offer clients fast efficient means of applying graphic designs, photographic images, and a range of decorative imagery directly onto glass. 

The ceramic inks are fused into the glass during tempering or annealing, producing fritted glass that can be bent, laminated, and glazed.

The fused inks are used in automotive and architectural both for interior and exterior applications.

jetver base


  • Dedicated to the world of architecture and design.
  • Extremely high resistance to the effects of wear, abrasion, UV radiation and climatic stress as Face 1 application.
  • Six basic colors to achieve an incredible color gamut (White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red).
  • Magenta color to enhance the gamut when necessary.
  • Premixed colors following the international color standards (RAL, Pantone, NCS, etc.).
jetverultra 1


  • A new line of inks engineered to enhance the colors of glass walls and meet the needs of designers around the world.
  • Particularly brilliant colors, especially in the most diverse shades of red, yellow and orange.
  • Face 2 for architecture and interior applications.
  • Available in all the colors, including special effects upon request.


  • Anti slip inks in compliance with the highest standards.
  • Conductive Inks to use with several applications (defrosting, alarm-glass heating glass, etc.).
  • Face 1 Inks with the highest resistance to install in exterior face. Available in several colors.
  • Etch effect Inks extra smooth etch effect, available in customized colors.
  • Transparent Inks.
  • DDTC Series (Digital Direct To Coating). These Inks can be applied directly to the majority of the coatings and providing tested adhesion with structural silicones without edge deletion need. Available in several colors.
jetver automotive


Auto Black Ink in compliance with the industry requirements

  • Superior acid resistance.
  • O.D. > 3.0 with thin layer.
  • Anti stick properties.
  • Silver hiding properties.
  • Extra high UV resistance.
jetverha 1


  • Specifically developed for the Home Appliance industry.
  • Special formulation to fit the firing process used in the Home Appliance Industry.
  • Improved performance in terms of application, coverage and chemical resistance.
  • Ideal to print dot, lines, text and brands without gaps between the graphics.
  • Amazing results in the application of solid colors in contact.


The most precious metal colors for the most sophisticated projects

  • Gold Ink
  • Platinum Ink
  • Luster Ink
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